What We Treat

What We Treat

Costa Acupuncture Los AngelesAcupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical practices in the world. Through the insertion of single use, sterile, thin needles into specific locations, acupuncture can help to balance the functioning of the body and reliand pain.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists the following conditions that may benefit from acupuncture:

Digestive: Abdominal pain, Constipation, Diarrhea, Hyperacidity, Indigestion.

Emotional: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia.

Musculoskeletal: Arthritis, Back pain, Muscle cramping, Muscle pain and weakness, Neck pain, Sciatica

Gynecological: Infertility, Menopausal symptoms, Premenstrual symptoms.

Respiratory: Asthma, Sinusitis, Smoking cessation.

Neurological: Headaches, Migraines, Neurogenic bladder dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, Postoperative pain, Stroke.

Miscellaneous: Addiction control, Athletic performance, Blood pressure regulation, Chronic fatigue, Immune system tonification, Stress reduction.

eve various aliments. Whether you have been suffering from stress, poor lifestyle habits, or injury, acupuncture treatments can help to balance your body and return you to optimum health.

Acupuncture can be used for a large variety of health conditions and offers relief of symptoms with a minimal amount of discomfort. Many patients are able to experience some relief of their symptoms during the first treatment, especially when treating stress.

Acupuncture is also a great way to stay well.  Detox Acupuncture will help your body release environmental toxins, which can be done periodically to restore health.  Regular Acupuncture improves health by improving sleep, digestive function, and overall energy, as well as managing stress.  Our healthiest patients are treated once a week.

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